Football Girls G2-5 (S2)
Grade 2 - 5 | 12-30 Participants
Friday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Sports Field
Semester 2 Programme | Cost: $260

This CCA aims to be fun but also at times competitive when playing against other schools. This enjoyable CCA will focus on developing and improving on basic soccer skills such as passing, dribbling, kicking, team building and endurance. Depending on numbers we will form one or two teams to play in the Singapore International schools soccer league and the GESS-Volkswagen Cup. Language of instruction will be English.

Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools
Students of this CCA may be selected by the coach to join the competitive team in the respective age group in order to represent GESS at ACSIS league events. Please visit for more information about our school teams and next year’s ACSIS competitions.


Prior to coming to Singapore Richard has played and coached football in England, Spain, China and Hong Kong. In England he was captain of the University first XI as well as second team coach. As a teacher, he gained football coaching qualifications and coached football at all ages. In England Richard was also the PE curriculum coordinator. During his time in China, he coached the senior side which won the Shanghai U16 championship in 2006 and 2007. In Hong Kong he also coached the Girls’ U13 team.