Lego Wedo (W) S2
EST - Grade 3 | 12-18 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Grade 4 Pod (F501)
Semester 2 Programme | Cost: $260

Lego WeDo provides multiple introductory levels for children to explore construction and programming with all the fun of Lego. Each level establishes themes which are geared towards galvanishing the imaginations of children. Lego Wedo offers age-appropriate software and building sets that offer a wide variety of tasks, challenging on different levels. Students explore and solve problems which promotes critical thinking and creativity as well as communication and teamwork. Whether it be our beginners sessions or the Batman themed Level 3, we are sure the students will have lots of fun and stimulation in this CCA!

The learning objectives are:
*build a wide variety of models using instructions
*explore sequential programming to create movement and sound through their model
*develop narratives around their models using images, sounds and sensors
*use computers to explore their imaginations to develop and alter their models
* analyse problems step by step to find solutions independently
*help to learn the benefits of working in a team


Whizz Kidz offers a whole range of Science, technical, sports or art related classes as well as holiday camps. Our classes have prepared lesson plans with learning objectives. Our aim is to make science fun and accessible. For the students to appreciate that science is all around us, not to cram as many facts and formulas as possible. The science concepts are reinforced by lots of hands-on experiments. We believe children learn through experience and will remember the experiment later on, drawing from this experience in future science classes at school. Students will have an enjoyable experience and hopefully a curiosity to learn more.