German with Gio & Gabi (S2)
Grade 1-5 | 12-25 Participants
Tuesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Classroom (Primary/ Secondary)
Semester 2 Programme | Cost: $260

Level of German: European Section Primary (Grade 1 to Grade 5) GFL-German as a Foreign Language and GSL (German as a Second Language) only, no GMT-German as a Mother Tongue. German with Gio & Gabi is a fun way to complete your German Homework stress-free. It is also a great opportunity to build up your German vocabulary and becoming more confident in trying the German language skills in a fun way. You will learn through stories, handicrafts, games, films and drama. Learning by doing and trying your best! German with Gio is effective and fun!


My name is Giovanna Platania Perry and I have been a German as a Foreign Language (GFL) teacher at GESS in Grades 1, 2 and 3 for six years. I speak German, English, Italian and Spanish and have been teaching languages for more than 20 years in beautiful parts of the world, including Rome, Milan, London, New York, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. Learning a foreign language is a great adventure for a young child and I am delighted to be able to take your children through a fun discovery of the German language and culture. I am married, I have two bilingual children at GESS and a multilingual dog at home. I am an avid reader of novels and all kinds of books about language, I like singing, swimming, running, watching movies and traveling but my ultimate passion is to instill in my students the beautiful eye-opening feeling that is always behind learning a language.

I am Gabriele Pointner, German as a Foreign Language teacher and in my second year at GESS. Originally from Austria I have lived and worked for many years in Egypt and after that I taught German at an international school in Berlin. I integrate my passion for languages with many travels where I love to get in touch with local communities, their customs and traditions. Additionally, I love Yoga and all outdoor activities like trekking and hiking and most of all scuba diving. They all connect me to nature which is a great counter-balance to living in a busy city. As a mother of two boys and a mother of a GESS-student I have an idea about your concerns and wishes towards the education of your child. I am confident that with your support we will create a nurturing, caring but also challenging learning environment for your child.I am looking forward to meeting many of you very soon!