Running Club G 6-12
Grade 6-12 | 12-20 Participants
Thursday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Off-Site
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260 (Add. Material Cost: $50)

This program is geared towards the general development of athletes focused towards stamina and endurance (cross country running) providing students with a solid athletic base. We offer specialized coaching in sprints and distance running. Athletes will be introduced to specific warm-ups and training routines. Running games are a major part of the CCA to develop the students speed, agility and stamina. The students have the opportunity to participate in the ACSIS Cross Country Running event in November. In preparations for this event, morning sessions will be offered on Mondays from 6.45 to 7.40am in the months of September and October. The CCA will sometimes be conducted off the school campus, at other schools or in nearby parks.

Expectations of Participants: Appropriate attire/equipment for every session. We expect punctuality and regular commitment to training.

Language of instruction: English


Ann Preisler is a Physical Education teacher here at GESS. She has a Bachelor degree of teaching with Major in Physical Education (PE) and has been teaching PE in both Middle and Secondary school for more than 15 years. She has taught a variety of sports, but finds a special joy in dancing, gymnastics, creative movement and outdoor physical training and running. Ann also holds a Master in Positive Psychology, which she has used as a Youth Coach to improve and promote mental health for teenagers. She is passionate about engaging students in a healthy lifestyle and promote a more holistic wellbeing.