Grade 6-9 | 12-25 Participants
Friday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Sports Hall 2
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Parkour has become one of the most popular trend sports in recent years. Video clips about trained athletes jumping and running across the cities have gone viral and caused a real Parkour boom. But these videos mostly only show a very one-sided, superficial side of Parkour that makes the sport look dangerous and to be for very talented super-humans only. Which is both not true and does not display what the sport is really about. Parkour is about the mastery of body and mind; about gaining functional fitness through body conditioning and developing balance. Parkour is also a very safe sport (compared to football, for example), if students learn to be aware of their own capabilities und use a step-by-step approach while being guided by qualified and experienced instructors. This CCA will do just that, while providing tons of fun as well. Language of instruction will be English.


The Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency offers progressive instruction in the Philosophy and Practice of Parkour. We collectively seek to share this empowering physical discipline by providing quality experienced instruction with all who wish to develop and challenge themselves in a fun, co-operative and disciplined practice. Our carefully crafted sessions focus on strengthening your body, developing control, co-ordination and balance thus providing a solid foundation to master the movements at your own pace.