Badminton Competitive
Grade 3-6 | 12-23 Participants
Thursday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Sports Hall 2
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Students improve their techniques for competitive Badminton play. These sessions will cover the basic hitting and footwork techniques. Scoring, serving and rules will also be instructed. Requirements: Students are expected to bring their own badminton racket to every session. Language of instruction will be English.

Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools
Students of this CCA may be selected by the coach to join the competitive team in the respective age group in order to represent GESS at ACSIS league events. Please visit for more information about our school teams and next year’s ACSIS competitions.


Mark Pocklington is a Physical Education teacher here at GESS. He graduated in Sport Science at university and went onto studying sport at Masters level. He also has a PGCE in Education. Mark represented his county in swimming and played a variety of sports competitively including badminton. He is very passionate about teaching a variety of sports but is particularly keen to teach and still play badminton. His aim is to be able to develop players so they can give him a hard game!