Mini World of Sports (M) S1
PP - Grade 2 | 12-20 Participants
Monday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Multi-purpose Hall Pre (D103)
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260

World of Sports provides students from Pre-School to Grade 2 an opportunity to experience a variety of different team sports and activities, learning a broad set of skills from a young age. This CCA is focusing on bringing children in contact with the diversity of active games. Basically, in this CCA children do what children most importantly need to do as part of their development — Activity and Fun. Exercise and challenges are fundamental for a good and healthy development. The focus of this class is for children to develop a passion for playing sport, improve their fitness levels, coordination and motor skills, interact with other kids, develop teamwork skills and most importantly have fun. The children are encouraged to find out about their limits and challenge them. Language of instruction is English


Sport4kids' vision is to offer professional programs for students to reach their full potential. Provide knowledge and expertise to improve the personal development of every child. Engage with the community to give every child the opportunity to play sport. Sport4kids... “More than just sports coaching”.