Mini Gymnastics (S1)
Kiga + PP | 12-23 Participants
Thursday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Multi-purpose Hall Pre (D103)
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260

During our Gymnastics and Dance CCA, the children will work on basic core gymnastic skills requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance. We will start off with a warm up. Then a skill will be introduced by demonstration or a video, such as rolls, balancing, splits, handstands or headstands. At the end of each session, the children will share with each other something from the lesson. Languages of instruction will be English and German.


My name is Daniela Ringel and I will be your child's new gymnastics and dance CCA teacher. I have been living in Singapore for eleven years and have been working as an assistant in the GESS kindergarten for seven years. My daughter Jasmin (19) is in the 12th grade and son Kian (14) is in the 9th grade, the German section of the GESS. My colleague Kunimi Bermudez will accompany the class as an assistant teacher. Kunimi is a pre-school teacher and has previously taught in Japan and China. Together we look forward to an exciting and fun time with your child and look forward to a good cooperation.