Cooking G4-6 (W) S1
Grade 4-6 | 8-18 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Cooking Lab (H225)
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260 (Add. Material Cost: $130)

This program is a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! Join us each week as we explore a variety of cuisines. With new recipes each week, each session is designed to familiarise children with diverse foods, while they experience what it feels like to create and taste scrumptious recipes themselves! In so doing, they will build self-confidence, creativity and a life-long skill. They will also learn basics in:
• kitchen safety,
• proper food handling,
• food preparation,
• cooking and baking techniques and presentation.

Objectives: A safe learning environment, to create and discover the wonderful world of different ingredients, fun filled recipes and food and its nutritional value. Learn the different styles of cooking and appreciate of food as well as proper table manners and dinning etiquette.


Paul has an extensive background in the food and hospitality industry. His key strengths include culinary knowledge and skills, business acumen, leadership and training along with his great love for food. After graduating from New York's culinary school and continuing his passion for cooking, Paul travelled through Europe. Discovering food from his roots, and working in a wide variety of kitchens from Italy to Barcelona, Paul then returned to USA and embarked on a rewarding career in the food industry. Whether he was establishing his restaurants, teaching staff, creating new recipes, or setting up an award winning gelato manufacturing business, Paul enjoyed these rich experiences in USA and Australia. Paul coached football teams for four years whilst living in Melbourne. He believes in the potential of children and on building cooperation and team spirit in young players. Paul Scalisi is a motivated, creative and passionate individual. He is committed to spreading the joy of cooking, and stays true to his personal motto taste life.