Grade 6-9 | 12-12 Participants
Thursday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Grade 5 Pod (H504)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

This CCA is recommended for students who are interested in building and programming robots or are motivated to learn those skills. Students with or without experience in robotics are welcome. In this CCA we will focus on the exploration of building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 Robotics System. Students will practice construction and programming with the NXT and EV3 intelligent brick with servo style motors and ultrasonic sensor. Students build a variety of robots and program them with a computer to move, react, and make sounds in order to solve challenges. Students work small teams, sharing a robotics kit and computer. More experienced students have the possibility to get into programming microcontrollers. Nearly every technical used item is being controlled by such a device. The boundaries of what’s possible are just set by your own fantasy and programming skills. Requirements: Students should be highly motivated and interested in IT and should be able to work within project groups. Language of instruction: English and German.


One my best decisions was joining the robotics – CCA as a co-instructor last year when I came to GESS as a mathematics and physics teacher. We worked in a small group, focused on different projects, like building spider like walking robots and joining the Robocup-competition, an international event that has a big reputation in the robotics community. Anyway, the Thursday’s afternoon CCA was something I and in my impression also the students were looking forward to throughout the week. I am quite happy that I can be the CCA instructor this year and am looking forward to a creative and productive year with students who are motivated to build, create and explore the world of what is and what will be possible with robots.