Creative Art PP-G2 (S1)
PP - Grade 2 | 12-25 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | P. Art Room 1 (E204)
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260 (Add. Material Cost: $80)

Creative Art is a relaxed art CCA for students . Your child will learn simple art instruction in a fun and entertaining environment. Projects include drawing, painting, clay work, recycled art, paper art, mixed media and printmaking. The best part? They will go home with an art piece that is "uniquely theirs" and hopefully a new found talent they will want to explore!

Objectives: To learn the different use of mediums, techniques and materials. To cultivate patience and persistence with their projects and work.

Language of instruction will be English


Nel Lim has been working extensively with international schools for the past few years. In addition, he has conducted various types of art activities in National Library Board (NLB), Country Clubs and Corporates. Nel Lim graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts. After his national service, he fell in love with arts and crafts and took it to the next level to share his love and passion for arts and crafts with kids. His teaching is non-judgmental with gentle guidance and unlimited patience towards every kid. He always presents his lessons in small steps and involved kids in problem solving through exploration. He applies cognitive and metacognitive strategies during his art classes and always makes them to think about their own thinking and also to manage themselves in the classroom. Each kid’s work is a masterpiece.