Choir - The Sound Crowd
Grade 3-6 | 12-40 Participants
Tuesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Music Primary Classroom (G306)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $260 (Add. Material Cost: $30)

You want to be on stage: To sing, dance and get creative with friends? Then come to the SoundCrowd! (instructions in German and English) Contents: Development of vocal expressive possibilities. Soloistic and choral singing. Choosing of the song selection (current pop songs, well-known chorals, different languages). Development of own choreographies. Body percussion. Weekend of choir activities (optional, additional fees may apply). But above all: FUN when singing Choir members are expected to attend concerts outside school times.


Jan-Helge Osmers is a music teacher at the German section of GESS with his main instruments vocal and accordion. Furthermore he plays piano, guitar and drums. During his study and teaching period he has been involved in various bands and was engaged in musical school projects.

Felix Leuschner is music teacher, composer and drummer. He studied choral conducting, composition and drums. He played in bands and orchestras of various musical genres. In the past year, he composed and conducted the GESS preschool opera „Snow Queen“. Besides this he plays experimental electronic music with his band CLUBbleu.