Mini Yoga PP - G2 (S1)
Grade PP - 2 | 12-15 Participants
Tuesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Multi-Purpose Room 1 (K214)
Semester 1 Programme | Cost: $260

Enter into the world of Mini Yogi CCA as we take a journey to explore different themes such as courage, imagination, strength, friendship and more, by using yoga postures, meditation, stories, and games. Yoga is an ancient system of physical yet gentle exercises, postures, breathing techniques and practices that aim to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Even at a young age, it is easy for children to become self-critical, and lose confidence as they grow and change. Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose perfectly is not the aim in yoga, which nourishes a child’s inner strength and self-confidence. This nurturing atmosphere encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, but also body awareness, better focus, concentration and self- confidence.

Objectives: To provide students with a foundation of physical fitness, personal discovery, and respect for self, others and the environment. To learn how to express their feelings, learn how to trust their instincts, to increase their awareness about alignment in their bodies, feel at ease to interact and be creative. Finally, to increase their flexibility, coordination, balance, and over all become well-balanced, calm and grounded individuals, which will serve them well throughout their lives.Language of instruction will be English.


Ms. Verena Dumke is a remedial teacher with the focus on psychomotricity. Furthermore she is a certified kids yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga herself for many years. Ms. Dumke has been the home-room teacher for Eingangsstufe (German section Foundation class) for a couple of years at GESS. Before that, she taught Kindergarten classes in Germany and USA for altogether 5 years.