Strategy & Board Games
Grade 4-10 | 12-20 Participants
Friday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Classroom (Primary/ Secondary)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

In this CCA we will play a range of both Strategy and Euro-Style board games. Strategy board games are particularly fun and really let you get involved in tactics and decision making. Players work in teams or alone and use their wits to beat opposing players. Some examples of strategy games we will play are Imperial Assault, X-Wing Miniatures, Quarriors, Mice & Mystics, and Risk. Euro-style board games emphasise strategy while downplaying luck and conflict. Players often work together or have limited impact on each other. They tend to have economic themes rather than military and usually keep all the players in the game until it ends. Some examples of Euro-style games we will play are Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic.


My name is Joram Hutchins and I grew up in Tasmania, a small but beautiful part of the world. I have been working at GESS for many years now, where I work as the Primary Years Programme Coordinator. My job is very engaging as I get to work closely with all the members of staff to plan and develop our school curriculum and pedagogical practices. My wife Jo Hutchins is the swimming teacher at GESS and our three boys, Flynn, Daniel and Asher all go to school here. We have lived in Singapore for 14 years now and find it a fun and safe city to raise a young family. A few of my personal interests include mountain biking, reading, hiking and travel.