Volleyball Boys 16U & 19U
Grade 9 - 12 | 12-20 Participants
Tuesday (4:30-6:00 pm) | Sports Hall (Swiss Club)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Participants are required to be physically fit to participate in a fast paced Volleyball game, as well as to possess at least basic Volleyball skills. Players who have the required ability will participate in the training for the ACSIS high school volleyball league. 16U & 19U Volleyball (Boys & Girls) competitions are part of ACSIS Season 1: 28 Aug to 4 Nov 2017. Objective: In this program, strategy and formation tactics will be coached, as well as advanced training in spiking, setting, serving and receiving and offensive and defensive tactics. Players must be committed and disciplined in order to hone these skills and tactics. Mandatory Competitive Sports Uniform to be purchased for each ACSIS selected player(70$/Uniform). Extra Trainings and League Games may be held during weekends. Please note that, according to ACSIS rules, only players born 1 June 1998 or later are eligible to take part in 19U ACSIS league competitions, while only players born 1 June 2001 or later are eligible for 16U competitions. CCA participation is, however, open to all students of the above-mentioned grades. Language of instruction will be English.


Kelvin Yeo has been a professional Volleyball coach for 12 years, and for the last three years has also coached teams in the U14, U17 and U19 boys and girls ACSIS tournaments. Kelvin has been playing volleyball for 23 years, won the national championships five times as a teenager and won the Singapore open champion three years consecutively. A fanatic Volleyball player, Kelvin is currently playing in and coaching a team in preparation for the upcoming Singapore Volleyball open tournament. His passion is teaching the younger generation about the game.