Volleyball Boys & Girls 14U
Grade 6 - 8 | 12-30 Participants
Tuesday (3:00-4:30 pm) | Sports Hall (Swiss Club)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Participants will learn the various motor skills, techniques and rules that are required for volleyball games. Objectives: To garner the sportsmanship, agility and basic skills of volleyball which are required during competitive Volleyball. To further develop and hone these skills as well as physical endurance so that those students who wish to, are prepared to engage in competitive Volleyball. Expectations of participants: Willingness to work as a team, responsible and passionate about this sport. 14U Volleyball (Boys & Girls) competitions are part of ACSIS Season 2: 13 Nov 2017 to 10 Feb 2018. Please note that, according to ACSIS rules, only players born 1 June 2003 or later are eligible to take part in 14U league competitions. CCA participation is, however, open to all students of the above-mentioned grades. Languages of instruction will be English and German.


Stefan Hessler has been member of the GESS family for one year now. He has been teaching sports, Spanish and social sciences at the German section. After his active volleyball career, Mr. Hessler studied sport and acquired a volleyball teaching license. Previously, he worked at a high school in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. A second group (if sufficient enrolments) would be led by Coach Kelvin Yeo.