[Pre-Season] Volleyball Boys 16U & 19U
Grade 9-12 | 12-30 Participants
Tuesday (4:35-6:05 pm) | Sports Hall 3
SEASON 3 Programme | Cost: $100

Season 3 (17 February – 9 May 2020)

In this Season, participants will learn various tactics and skills needed for playing volleyball on a competitive level.

During the pre-season, students enrolled in this CCA will have one training session per week to be ready for the ACSIS season that will start right after the summer break.

Expectations of Participants: Appropriate attire/specific equipment needed for volleyball at each training. We expect punctuality and regular commitment to training and competitions as well as fair play and display of sportsmanship.

Language of instruction will be English.

Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools
Students of this CCA may be selected by the coach to join the competitive team in the respective age group in order to represent GESS at ACSIS league events. The selection is entirely at the discretion of the coach. Not all students may be selected. The ACSIS league volleyball games for this age group are held from August to November.

Please visit sports.gess.sg for more information about our school teams and next year’s ACSIS competitions.


Hardy Fraunhoffer is a passionate Volleyball player and coach with experiences over many decades in several countries as Germany, Italy and Brazil. Besides his still active career as a senior Volleyball player he was acting as youth instructor for the girls teams of TSV Unterhaching, one of the most prestigious Volleyball clubs in Germany. His greatest success was winning the German Mixed Volleyball Championships in 2007 and 2008. If you are athletic and enjoy learning volleyball, you are warmly welcome in our Volleyball CCA. Hardy is focussing in his training sessions mainly on a proper technique and on a great team spirit. Hardy is 48 years old and father of one daughter in grade 10 and a son in grade 7 attending the GESS.