Badminton 16U & 19U
Grade 9-12 | 12-35 Participants
Monday (4:35-6:05 pm) | Sports Hall 3
Thursday (4:35-6:05 pm) | Sports Hall 3
SEASON 3 Programme | Cost: $180

Season 3 (17 February – 9 May 2020 )

This CCA will cover both basic and advanced techniques: grip, serve, clear, drop shots (defensive), drive, smash, net play (offensive), footwork (specialized movement on the court), rules of the court, rules of score as well as advanced techniques for competition.

In Season 3, students enrolled in this CCA will participate:
1. Two training sessions per week
2. Scheduled ACSIS competitions throughout Season 3 (if selected for the team)

Expectations of Participants: Appropriate sports attire. Students are expected to bring their own badminton racket to every session. We expect punctuality and regular commitment to training and competitions as well as fair play and display of sportsmanship. Students must contact the coach or Sports Coordinator early when not available for a game. They will be representing the school, and so their behavior should reflect GESS’ core values and be exemplary at all times.

Language of instruction: English

Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools
Students of this CCA may be selected by the coach to join the competitive team in the respective age group in order to represent GESS at ACSIS league events. The selection is entirely at the discretion of the coach. Not all students may be selected. The ACSIS league badminton games for this age group are held from February to May 2020.

Please visit for more information about our school teams and next year’s ACSIS competitions.


With a little break, Melanie has been working for five years at GESS in the First Aid Department. She is originally from Belgium where she was teaching in a Nursing School and part time working in the A&E department. Being a certified badminton coach, she was coaching the youth team of BSV Eynatten in the French-speaking part of Belgium and also played competition games with the Mixed Team in Division 3.