Russian Grade 1 - 5
Grade 1 - 5 | 6-40 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | TBA
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Language level required: NATIVE/NEAR NATIVE

Teacher: Ms. Valentina Moskaleva Russian Language Centre
Family cultures and languages are enriched in a fun and interactive way through music, stories, fairy tales, food and different art forms. Students will develop their knowledge of the target language, culture and traditions. Lessons are conducted by one or two experienced and qualified native teachers. Activities include storytelling and retelling, singing, role plays, art and crafts activities, games, dancing, team work and lots of fun. The language of instruction is the target language.


Valentina graduated from Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Moscow, Russia) and has a Master degree in teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. After graduating she taught Russian as a Foreign Language for 8-12 years old children in a private school (Mos?ow) and worked as a methodist of Russian as a FL for the online courses. She likes teaching Russian to children using game techniques as much as possible during the class. Her lessons involve a lot of games such as «broken phone», «guess the melody», «lotto», or «field of wonders», and she firmly believes that game is the best way of learning Russian language and culture for a child. She likes spending her free time travelling, reading literature from all around the world, watching new movies and playing games with her friends. And that inspires her to create new games and activities for her small Russian explorers at school!