Mandarin G1 - 2
Grade 1-2 | 6-35 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Classroom (Primary/ Secondary)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Language level required: native/near native level

Family cultures and languages are enriched in a fun and interactive way through music, stories, fairy tales, food and different art forms. Students will develop their knowledge of the target language, culture and traditions. Lessons are conducted by one or two experienced and qualified native teachers. Activities include storytelling and retelling, singing, role plays, art and crafts activities, games, dancing, team work and lots of fun. The language of instruction is the target language.


I am Annie (Lu Qiang) and I come from Dandong, a small old town in north China, where the Great Wall started from the sea.

After graduating from the university in Beijing in 1993, I have been working as a technical engineer, technical manager and chief representative in different companies for 15 years. In 2008, I moved to Singapore with my German husband Andreas who works in a UK company as Sales Specialist.

In 2010 I quit my job and became a housewife to take care of my young family. We have 2 daughters who are both at GESS now. I enjoyed spending time with them very much. Because I wanted to help my girls to learn Chinese, I started to learn teaching Chinese as second language in KLC Singapore from 2015. In June 2016 I finished and passed all the courses. In Sept 2016 I passed the exam of Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, which is organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Han Ban). I have been teaching LEP Mandarin since Jan 2016. This year I continue to teach LEP Mandarin to Grade 1 and 2 children. At the same time I work as a relief teacher for GESS Pre-Primary. Working side to side with experienced teachers in the school helped me a lot to understand how to manage the class and organize my teaching in a way that children love. I enjoy the time with the children and I love to learn Mandarin together with them. Mandarin is not an easy language, we (both teachers and parents) have to work together to find ways to help our kids to get interested in it, not scare them off. Learning a language is never just about writing and reading, it is also about Chinese culture and roots.