Mandarin - Grades 3 to 5
Grade 3 - 5 | 6-35 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Classroom (Primary/ Secondary)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Language level required: native/near native level Family cultures and languages are enriched in a fun and interactive way through music, stories, fairy tales, food and different art forms. Students will develop their knowledge of the target language, culture and traditions. Lessons are conducted by one or two experienced and qualified native teachers. Activities include storytelling and retelling, singing, role plays, art and crafts activities, games, dancing, team work and lots of fun.

The language of instruction is the target language.


Lin Qiong - English name Joan - graduated from Shanghai University of Chinese in 1999. Proficient in Chinese and English, she has been working in the education field for many years in China. She founded the “Wisdom Education Consulting co., LTD” with her Austrian husband in 2012. Joan was mainly responsible for English teaching to 3-18 year-old students. She has a very rich experience in language teaching for children. In China, her training center had over 150 students of different ages, and also cooperated with several local international kindergartens. Her training center was very well accepted by children and parents because of a good balance between a rigorous work attitude and interesting and modern teaching methods. Her family moved to Singapore in the autumn of 2015. She has two kids, one 10 year-old boy and one 8 year-old girl. They are studying Chinese, English and German very hard now. Just like any other mum, Joan likes traveling, music and making friends, she especially likes food, loves to make Chinese traditional food by herself. In the next lessons, she will lead kids into a pleasant food paradise.

For hundreds of years, teaching Chinese involved a pen, a book and teachers dictating. These dull, poor teaching methods are not suitable for today’s children anymore. Only by updating the teaching methods, we can make the Chinese language and culture more interesting and entertaining. As a qualified Mandarin teacher, she will lead my kids into a very interesting language knowledge domain. With the kids together they will explore the long history of China, the origin of the characters, the cultures about all different festivals, and the Jiangshan folk culture. The children will go from passive learning into active leaning. In order to achieve this goal, she will use several engaging and interactive activities, including arts and crafts, games, songs, wise use of technology and making special food together for the festivals.