Grade 1 - 5 | 6-35 Participants
Wednesday (2:55-4:25 pm) | Classroom (Primary/ Secondary)
Year-Long Programme | Cost: $520

Language level required: NATIVE/NEAR NATIVE
Teacher: Mrs. Takako Kaehlert
Family cultures and languages are enriched in a fun and interactive way through music, stories, fairy tales, food and different art forms. Students will develop their knowledge of the target language, culture and traditions. Lessons are conducted by one or two experienced and qualified native teachers. Activities include storytelling and retelling, singing, role plays, art and crafts activities, games, dancing, team work and lots of fun. The language of instruction is the target language.


Takako Kaehlert is native Japanese speaker and an experienced certified teacher of Japanese as a foreign language. Her educational background is in Psychology, which together with her experience as a mother of multilingual children ideally enables her to teach children Japanese in a fun and conducive environment.

As a mother of two trilingual (Japanese, German and English) sons, Takako has a good first-hand understanding of the challenges involved when teaching young children multiple languages. It is important to start early with the mother tongue; at the same time languages learnt must be continuously put into practical use – children need to feel that the learnt languages are actually useful. She is convinced that the key to successfully mastering these challenges is to keep the children highly motivated through fun and interactive classes. This is especially true when the language in question (i.e. Japanese) is not commonly used in the country of residence. Takako’s approach is to improve the children’s ability to use the Japanese language through playing traditional games, storytelling, singing, arts and crafts, sewing, cooking, crossword puzzles, quizzes, theater, cultural events etc. Their Japanese language skills acquired should be ‘Japanese that can be used in daily life’ and not only focused on academic learning.